Dr. Gerda Govine | Diversity and Inclusion Expert Witness, Litigation Consulting, Mediation, Training, Research | Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Gerda Govine / G. Govine Consulting
Helping Organizations Move Beyond Diversity to Excellence and Sustainability

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It's easy to search and locate diversity and inclusion consultants and experts. Now that you've found Dr. Gerda Govine and G. Govine Consulting, you can have the assurance you are meeting an experienced expert who will guide you to the resolution of your concerns and help your organization move beyond diversity to true excellence and system of sustainability.

What Does Consultant Gerda Govine, Ed.D. Bring to Your Organization?

This professional of many talents with her wealth of experience can easily assimilate with your management and employees in the conducting of training on diversity and inclusion within your workforce. While it's a buzz word these days, diversity and inclusion are crucial for the organization's productivity as they bring together employees of varying backgrounds, ethnicity, faiths, ages and experiences. The result is a cohesive workforce that focuses on your goals and works well together.

Are you concerned about employment discrimination or favoritism, either for an employment candidate or a current employee? An employment discrimination case based on a negative reference, sexual harassment or discrimination, religious prejudice or racial or age discrimination, can disrupt the symbiotic relationship between employees and employees and management, negatively alter the productivity of your workforce, consume your valuable time and cost a great deal of company profits. Religious discrimination is frequently the result of poor or little exposure or education, as are other types of discrimination. Racial harassment and discrimination can be a sensitive matter and one that requires the attention and guidance of an expert with years of experience, such as Dr. Govine, who works well and is highly effective with both management and employees. You might also be interested in information about the mandatory training on sexual harassment for supervisory staff in California. Check our AB1825 page about this required sexual harassment training.

Govine Consulting, with Gerda Govine at the helm, offers extensive experience in the resolution of employment discrimination and harassment cases. Dr. Govine serves as an expert witness, mediator and litigation consultant, meeting with and interviewing all involved staff and employees and after her thorough assessment, giving workable recommendations. She'll go to court, do depositions and work with managers, employees and staff for satisfactory resolution of your case.

Need a Trainer or Workshop Leader on Diversity, Sexual Harassment or Employment Discrimination? How about a Dynamic Keynote Speaker? Media Guest or Host?

Gerda Govine offers extensive experience doing all of the above. She is a much published author of articles about diversity and inclusion; and she is a knowledgeable writer and media guest on the topics of being an expert witness, employment discrimination and sexual harassment, She lights up the room as a speaker on diversity, sexual harassment and employment discrimination.

We invite you to explore the G. Govine Consulting website and contact Dr. Govine soon!