Dr. Gerda Govine | Diversity and Inclusion Expert Witness, Litigation Consulting, Mediation, Training, Research | Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Gerda Govine / G. Govine Consulting
Helping Organizations Move Beyond Diversity to Excellence and Sustainability

Dr. Govine has authored and published articles in a wide range of publications, including:

    Los Angeles Times
    Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley Journal weekly
    Professionals in Human Resources Association magazine
    Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles newsletters
    The California Labor Letter
    Business Life Magazine
    The Pasadena Journal

Her topics include:

Diversity and inclusion, health, women's rights, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence impact on the workplace, race and racism and more.

Click here to download Dr. Govine's article "The State of "Affairs" in the Workplace: Sexual Favoritism."

As principal in G.Govine Consulting, Dr. Govine has researched many cases for her clients, resulting in recommendations and resolution, litigation and settlements and often in her testifying as an expert witness.

Those cases revolve around the issues of:

    • Sexual Harassment
    • Sex Discrimination
    • Race Discrimination
    • Race Harassment
    • Religious Discrimination
    • Wrongful Termination

In addition to her research and investigative skills and experience, Dr. Govine's articles on the above subjects and others have appeared in many publications and she has been welcomed as a guest and radio host on radio and television programs.

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