Dr. Gerda Govine | Diversity and Inclusion Expert Witness, Litigation Consulting, Mediation, Training, Research | Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Gerda Govine / G. Govine Consulting
Helping Organizations Move Beyond Diversity to Excellence and Sustainability

An Expert Witness and Consultant in countless legal cases, trials and settlements, Dr. Govine can address Employment Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and a wide range of other important and timely concerns.

A professional whose education, experience, specialized knowledge or skill qualifies her to testify in court about the facts or her professional opinion on a topic. The expert witness's opinion may be compared with that of another judicial expert; and the judge or tribunal can request experts to evaluate the facts or actions from a technical viewpoint. An expert witness's contributions are viewed as legal data, so the witness bears a heavy responsibility for accuracy and integrity.

Dr. Gerda Govine is a professional Expert Witness and a skilled, experienced Mediator, whose opinions and skills are held in high regard.

Whether your need is for a Litigation Consultant, a Mediator, or an Expert Witness, contact Dr. Govine.